Martyrs of Marriage

More than 62,000 married men committed suicide in year 2011 alone, as per official records of the National Crime Records Bureau, an entity under the Ministry of Home Affairs, India.

More and more men are resorting to this alternative because of severe mental, physical and economical abuse in strained marital relationships. The worst however is the legal torture that men of this country are subjected to - courtesy section 498A of IPC. Any woman of this country can file this section against her husband, his parents and relatives (howsoever distant they are), at any point of marriage (even after 22 years), get them arrested and make them a puppet in hands of police, media and judiciary. Even if it’s a false allegation, a person has to undergo he trial, is considered guilty until proven innocent. The only way out for a husband’s family, if implicated in a false case is either to give in to the demands of the women (property, cash and any other fancy demands) or fight the case with the system for next 5-6 years at least. Even the Supreme Court of India has accepted the misuse of IPC 498A and termed it as "Legal Terrorism".

Martyrs of Marriage is a first person account of those who have suffered, fought and finally won the most unexpected battle in their lives – the battle of marriage. It is also a journey of those who are currently fighting for their rights, their innocence and their life.

Martyrs of Marriage is a story that needs to be told to change the mindsets that only a woman can be a "victim".

Martyrs of Marriage is a story of countless women who have suffered due to those very laws that are meant to protect and empower women against any abuse.

Crime does not know any Gender. Martyrs of Marriage is a movement for equality, a movement to save the innocent and a fight for punishment of the guilty irrespective of Gender!