IPC 498A – India’s Most Abused Law

Total number of people arrested: 2716915
Total number of men arrested: 2112264
Total number of women arrested: 604651
Total number of minors arrested: 7707
Total number of cases tried: 587107
Total number of cases acquitted: 477413
Total number of cases convicted: 109694
Total number of persons who were tried: 1534057
Total number of persons who were acquitted: 1150293
Total number of persons who were convicted: 276640


By end of 2015, number of 498A cases pending trial: 477986
(Almost 45% of total CAW cases pending trial in Indian courts)

By end of 2015, number of persons awaiting trial under 498: 910864
In Custody: 131173(M) 15444(F)
On Bail: 646013(M) 118234(F)

A total of 1, 87,067 people were arrested under 498A in year 2015 for 1, 13,403 cases registered. That is 1.6 persons arrested per case. This number was 1.8 in the year 2014 as 2, 25,648 people were arrested for 1, 22,877 cases registered. The data shows little change in ground situation after Arnesh Kumar Judgment that was passed in 2014 by Supreme Court of India aimed at curbing mechanical arrests. Conviction rate in 2015 was 14.2%, slightly better than 2014 which was 13.7%. A total of 10,772 cases registered under 498A in year 2015 were declared false officially as per NCRB data. However, there is no data available on how many of these cases lead to prosecution of the people who filed these false cases.